Third day hair, such a rare thing for me but decently cooperative. But as you can see in my first pic it's decently big. It's bigger on day one and two, it falls flatter as the days go on but is there any way i can make my hair grow down and not out? I know it sounds so weird but my hair hardly shows the length but it grows out and gets bigger and bigger. Maybe there's nothing i can do, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask! Lovely curls though, everybody. (:

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Originally Posted by DepressedCurls
I don't know why your name is DEPRESSEDCURLS b/c you've got the MOST BEAUTIFUL curls ever! I really, really love how full and curly your hair is...and its it girlie!!!!

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Aww, thank you greatly! I'd like for my name to be changed, when i first came here i was still cutting off relaxed ends, it was awful! But thank you again, i adore your hair as well and i love the color and how shiny it is. <3
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