So far, I've used it twice. The first day, I was a little heavy-handed with the souffle, and while it smelled amazing, my hair felt coated and weighted down. The following day, I used less, and mixed it with some LA Looks gel to see how it would do there. It looked GORGEOUS at home - still wet, it was perfect. Drying, started to frizz slightly, but I was able to get it to the point where I had great definition and volume, and it looked pretty much perfect.

However, it appears that it doesn't hold for long. After looking at some pictures that were taken throughout the day, it looks like the curl "fell out" of my hair. I don't know how else to explain it. It looks droopy and flat. I don't know if it was being outside near the river (if anything, I'd have thought it would just have made it BIGGER and more frizzy), but it's like the curls slid out of my hair (which often happens if I don't use something with enough hold). I'm going to try a day without the sheamoisture and see how it goes with just the LA Looks, but I really love how my hair feels and smells with sheamoisture. If the hold was better, I'd be in love.

I don't know if this picture will work or not, but this is a picture from yesterday - I know I don't have a picture of the "before I left the house" but this is the "what the heck happened to my hair?" picture that my husband took and I was surprised by. Progressively, through the day, they loosened to waves (which is odd, because my hair is never just wavy - ever - unless I try to straighten it, which is about as straight as I can get it, lol).
3A/3B, m/ciii, (3B corkscrews around my face and hairline, 3A botticelli curls around the rest of my head)
Low Porosity
High Density

Mama to:
3B 4 year old girl - medium density, porosity not yet determined,
(and 3 year old boy - slightly curly, maybe 2A/2B)