So I had achieved awsome curls in the past few months after being cg for a while! This weekend I went to change my haircolor....went all wrong! Afterwards I haddd to bleach my hair to take out the horrendous color that came out! It took two more dyes to fix my hair! :'( needless to say I burned the hell out of my hair with a bleaching and 3 dyes! When it was all said and done, I am with crispy burned hair an NO curls! I cried while looking in front of the mirror at my hair where I just had gorgeous curls two days before! I did a strong protein and deep condition treatments but didn't do a thing! Don't know where to go from here! Any recs on wut I can do to help....I know its going to take a while to bring my hair back but I will continue to try and I'm sure cry some more

I am also straightening my hair bc w/out it looks HORRIBLE! Ill give it a week and then ill do some more treatments and then maybe I won't have to straighten it as much!!!

Please help me be me again! (With my curly hair) I WILL NEVER EVEN LOOK AT BLEACH AGAIN!!!!!!!
(according to my hair analysis) [thought it was worst!]

Cowash: Suave Naturals
RO: Ion Effective Care, GVPCB
PT/DT: IAGIRL's PT, One n' Only Argan Hydrating Mask
LI: Cure Care, GVPCB
Style:EXPERIMENTING STILL!!! Trying: HE mousses,.la sports gel,
Mixed Chicks, SSCEJ, Ecostyler Krystal, KCCC