Here is in a nutshell the issue with the people who work here, told in three grilled cheese sandwiches.

Grilled cheese one. End of the night, a to go for one of our servers. The way we do it in most restaurants, save of course for diner type places, is to toast the bread (the outsides) in butter, put the cheese on each piece, and place in the oven to melt, since doing it in the typical fashion takes quite a while compared to to this. You can do the salamander for even faster results, but this often burns any bit of bread that might be even a tiny bit exposed, especially a very buttery bread like brioche, which we use, and which burns in seconds.
Anyway, I check it and it has just a tiny bit more to go to finish melting the cheese. I go get a bucket of soap to clean my station. As I'm coming back, I see the woman who works on grill who is completely incapable of minding her own damn business ever taking it out. I tell her it needs a bit longer and that's why I hadn't taken it out yet. I tell her it's not melted. She points to all the oozing cheese and I point to the center of the now assembled and cut sandwich which is clearly not melted. She's already put it away in the to-go box and I'm annoyed. She's older than everyone and mothers the hell out of everyone. She frequently refers to people as children, so I've been called "little girl". Heeelp me . . .

Grilled cheese number two. I had gone on break and came back to find guy I've been training (who normally works GM here) making a grilled cheese. It was a kids' one, so white bread and American. The thinness of the bread and the low melting point of Anerican means you can actually assemble the whole thing and cook it on the flattop the whole way through. By the time the bread is nicely toasted the cheese is melted.
Anyway, he understood the woman who works grill to have said rye bread instead of white bread. So he had to re-do it. He doesn't add butter to the flattop, puts cheese on bread, pulls it off. I tell him that not only is the cheese not melted, but the bread has no color. I put some butter on the flattop, tell him to put it back on, and I swear it must have taken just 30 seconds more for it to be beautifully golden and actually melted.

Grilled cheese number three.
He gets a regular grilled cheese and for some unknown reason puts the bread under the salamander instead of in the oven. This was going with a bunch of other food, including a burger, which takes longer to cook, so there was no rush anyway. Of course a portion of the bread burns because it was exposed. He then goes to put it together and I point out how it's burned. He says he'll take care of it and proceeds to cut off that whole portion. This isn't just a little edge, but a decent bit of the top of the sandwich. So now it looks decidedly smaller than it should. I tell him no, make another one.

People, this is ****ing grilled cheese! It's as basic as you can ****ing get. Melt the cheese is as basic a concept as it gets. The woman actually said to me that I was trying to get fancy by requiring that the cheese be melted. FANCY!!!

Not only are they totally okay with sending out pale, unmelted grilled cheese sandwiches, they are like many cooks stuck on the idea that "the faster I can get it out, the more awesome I am", when no, that just makes you a really fast shoemaker. I'm so sick of cooks who respect speed and nothing else in a kitchen. It's part of why some cooks seem to think I'm somehow not a strong cook, because I take that extra bit of time, the time it actually takes, to have something be the way it's supposed to be.

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