so as a semi-new (proper) CG, my first purchase was the deva line.. but as my bottles are about 3/4 empty now I'd like to try something new

don't get me wrong, I do like how these products work in my hair - I use them along with coconut oil (this has been my hg of hair products) but they are kind of pricy and don't leave my hair as soft and touchable as i would like

I also see a lot of you guys using different products and I know a common theme is starting with deva and then moving on to better and less expensive things.

i'm just asking for a couple recommendations - I think i've read every article and website on curly hair but when it comes to products i get a bit overwhelmed

I'm mostly looking for a cleanser and conditioner, maybe a product or 2 if its inexpensive and available at the drugstore or beauty supply store

i tend to use gels in my hair (and have a bottle of curly solutions in my queue for when my devacurl runs out) but i'd be interested in trying out a different type of product that will leave my hair soft but not greasy (as many products do)

my hair is very low porosity, fairly high elasticity, 2c (I had a keratin treatment done not too long ago to soften my curls, naturally my hair is more of a 3a) medium density (am i forgetting anything?)

thank you!!