Raccoom update:

I know you guys didn't want me to hurt the raccoon. but the humane trap isn't working

Try 1 - food was gone. Neither door was tripped

Try 2 - trap was tripped, food was moved around (meaning that he is someone reaching it to get at the food). I will also add that in setting the trap this time, the raccoons actually came out the attic (using the hole he put in my room) and approached my bf who was setting the trap. The raccoon followed him around the roof a little. I guess the smell of sardines was too strong to resist.

It's not good that the raccoon followed him. It means it has no fear of humane and might attack

Try 3 - food was gone, door was not tipped

Ninja, I tried. If he would have gotten in the trap he would have been all yours to set free. but since it appears that I have a "trap-savvy" raccoon, I must look into other ways to get him out.

The porcupine wire should be here tomorrow. I wish I knew when he was gone so that I could simply put it up while he's out and we could both go on with our lives