So that means my hair accepts styling well? I never thought of it that way until you said that.
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That's how my stylist and I both describe it - it may frizz a little, but once it's curled or straightened, it stays that way with very little holding products. When I was 10 I went as a lion for Halloween and my mom and I rag-curled my hair overnight.... holy cow. It pretty much just stayed in the tight little ringlets throughout the day all the way through trick-or-treating. So now whenever anyone says something like, "Oh, it will fall down in awhile...", I shake my head and ask them to loosen up the style manually.
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Hair hates: non-keratin protein, glycerin, sorbitol, agave, sulfates, polyquats, co-washing (flaky scalp), maybe aloe?
Hair loves: fewer/more natural ingredients, moisture

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