I didn't think SO's mom was so....what's the word???...off...crazy...mental until LO was born. She corrected me when I told my baby to say hi grandma and instead wants my child to call her mom...ummm no I am her mother, not you. I carried this baby for 40weeks 5days, gained 60lbs (yes 60lbs despite exercise and healthy eating), I have the stretch marks and kangaroo pouch to show for it.. 1st she wishes to nurse my baby and now she's wants to be called mom.... I think she's plotting my demise and wants to take my kid. But seriously, I don't think normal or average grandma's do the above, correct me if I'm wrong.

I've been trying to get along with her but dammit she makes it hard. She got offended when I went to an empty room to nurse and thought I was trying to take LO away from her....-__- I'm not comfortable with nursing in front of SO's dad or your friends who are over when we come to visit. And nursing with a blanket to cover up makes baby fussy, the whole feeding process just takes longer and isn't enjoyable. I am not trying to hurt you by feeding LO in a different room. It is not about you, I am just trying to feed my baby. And reasons like this are why I dread visiting SO's parents. *sigh there were no warning signs of her wacky behavior. I didn't see this coming.

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The words I want to use are not allowed here so I will just say that I think that is freakish behavior. And I would never let that woman babysit or spend time alone with my kid. Ever.
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