KurlyKae- Yes she made a comment once when I was feeding LO that if she could still produce milk she wouldn't mind feeding my baby. At first I was thinking some things she did and would say was just cultural differences but no it can't be, it's just way too wacky and out there. I also found out that she wanted more children. She has 2 and miscarried a 3rd child long ago and was told that she couldn't have anymore kids. That fact only increases my fear that she wants to raise my baby.

I don't want her to babysit, the very thought makes me nervous. I am so tired of "offending" or "hurting" her by just taking care of my daughter's needs. It just doesn't make sense. I'm glad they live 3hrs away but I still feel that I see them a lot.
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That is really, really bizarre. I agree with those that said not to trust her around your child.

What this kind of made me think of- my cousin's son's grandparents are all really young, none older than 70, and his great-grandparents (my grandparents) are alive on one side, so he calls his great grandparents grandpa and grandma in Russian all of his actual grandparents by their first names.

He's also been freaking out a little over his little brother who's coming in about a month.
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