I have a test tomorrow;

Things I've done to avoid studying for it:

Put my absentee paper in envelope, found stamps, wrote directions to my school to mentor tomorrow
Made tea
Made more tea to put in a cup to put in the fridge for cold tea
Made hot water to rinse my nose
Shopped on sephora then closed the page because I refused to pay for shipping
Went on Netflix because they have new episodes of vampire diaries, Didn't watch the show just looked at it
Came on here multiple times
Created a new pandora account
Put pore strips on various spots on my face
Peeled them off slowly and then analyzed them
Cleaned my bathroom
Detangled my hair put coconut oil on it and then braided it in four sections then took those sections and braided them into one braid.
Organized my hair stuff
Put clothes up in my closet
Tried on clothes
Put cotton balls in a basket
Listened to music on pandora (I can't study and listen to music btw...impossible...unless it's math, strictly numbers not word problems)
Took a two hour nap (that was after class)
Ate oatmeal for dinner (MY STOMACH IS STILL IN HUNGER PAINS)
Did the bankhead bounce to justin timberlake's what comes around/....goes around the ending part of the song.
Why does timbaland always tell JT to "talk to em" in like every song they're both in?
Took a picture of a ring
looked at instagram and then deleted it from my phone ( I do this almost every other day, to stop procrastinating and then I find myself downloading it again)
Ate Pepper Imps (from WWOFHP, yea they're old...)

I got my shift covered so that I could study for this test today. What a waste.