More thoughts about who is considered "Jewish" ...

(Hope you gals/guys won't see this as going too far off-topic. I think it may have some bearing on the discussion, since it's hard to talk about curl stigma and being Jewish when there are conflicting thoughts about what it means to be "Jewish".)

I think there's a legit argument "Judaism" not being an ethnicity. Yes, some of us have one or more genes that connects us to an ethnic group that were known for practicing Judaism. But I'd bet at least some Ashkenazi and Sephardic people throughout time have not had Jewish beliefs or practice Judaism, despite the fact that most of their relatives did.

In the 1930s, Ireland had upward of 90% self-described Catholics, according to some national polls. (Now it appears to have slid into the eighties). Would it be logical to say that people who are genetically Irish should all be considered "Catholic" because Irish people generally practice Catholicism? A similar argument is made that people (like me) with the Ashkenazi gene should be called "Jewish", simply because that ethnic group practiced a religion called "Judaism", even in the absence of Jewish belief or practice.

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