Um if one person is offended by a joke that doesn't make it a bad joke. That ish was funny IMO (btw I'm the third person to laugh at it). Its not that serious. If it was that serious you would have hit the report button. Now let's all have a _/ & click on

Every teardrop is a waterfall
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My visits over to NH are steadily dwindling. There's always someone who's panties get bunched, there's always someone who tries to debunk your personal experience with their opinion (how you gon' ask Keeny if she really knew her mom's income/expenses?) and a sabelotodo who pretends to have expert-level knowledge on any given topic (but we know you just googled the subject, skimmed a few sites and are now trying to express your newly formed opinion as a fact).

So I take much of what is written with a grain of salt... ./ <-- a grain of salt having a seat.