So no one was going to tell me about Cherry Culture? I see how you folks is.
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The make-up website? I don't shop there but I know several people who do. My understanding is the brands they sell are also available at most U.S. drug stores but CC's stock is fresher and they have a wider variety.

...i'm supersonic
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yea, its kind of lame. I never find anything I like, or couldn't get at ulta or cvs.

I should of just went to technical college, at least I would have a job by now.

Oh what I wouldn't. Hell yea I would. And you know this.

Actually maybe Romney is right, we should just let all the rich people go to college, I mean then the middle class will rise up and be the new rich, because we wouldn't have been in debt and would have jobs, while all those college losers have no jobs because college is a waste of life.

Well I'm voting for romney, who cares about my vagina anyway. I sure don't. Who needs it? IT'S NOT PAYING MY BILLS?!

But it could.....