I will give it some time before I cut my hair....I have been growing it out from a short bob for a looooong time and I'm only just past my shoulders still. My hair takes a very long time to grow at all! If I cut it again I'm going to be sooo depressed! And I definitely cannot go shorter than a chin length! That's what I get for being so stupid for sure lol.....I have to wash my hair tonight after a few days of being flat ironed....soooo nervous! I don't want to see it like that bc I know for sure ill cry again lol! But I will start tomorrow with updos and stuff to not damage it anymore (if that's even possible hehe) thanx guys!
(according to my hair analysis) [thought it was worst!]

Cowash: Suave Naturals
RO: Ion Effective Care, GVPCB
PT/DT: IAGIRL's PT, One n' Only Argan Hydrating Mask
LI: Cure Care, GVPCB
Style:EXPERIMENTING STILL!!! Trying: HE mousses,.la sports gel,
Mixed Chicks, SSCEJ, Ecostyler Krystal, KCCC