It's a hair thread on a Hair-health website, how can you fight over hair?
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This was about something more than hair. The issue started when a poster made an emotional appeal to censorship of this thread based on a few people with views she opposed. The issue was about censorship.

If she were so upset about this thread becoming another "fight" (as she claimed), she'd have simply avoided reading the thread at all. After all, she'd allegedly just suffered from this type of thread already.

She introduced an adversarial tone to an otherwise harmonious thread, complaining about a fight that hadn't broken out. It's like someone seeking out a dry, dense forest, lighting a match to some leaves while screaming, "I'm afraid of fire everyone!"

As for the the content of this thread: I agree with others who say that the typing system is problematic, and can be confusing. And I still also believe that sometimes - certainly not always - the "good hair" thing gets played out with the system too.

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