L'shanah tovah! Marah
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Todah raba! I had an absolutely wonderful New Year!

And in other news.. Denzel is almost 60 years of age and HE.COULD.GET.IT!

Don't even make no sense to be that darn fine as old as he is.. lawd. Whooo lawd Paula Washington blessed! Yes..lawd. She blessed!
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Do men even dress like this, in the states? He looks straight out of Europe - like the guys from Gucci when they opened a store near my work. The pic to the left is my fav...impeccable. I bet birds was fallin' from the sky, the day of that photo shoot. The suit fits his body perfectly...I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that it ain't a "Men's Suit Depot" special. Denzel has a great body underneath, though. Yum, yum.

Men need to get back to wearing suits - the more casual work environment has dulled my senses. Most of the guys in my area of the country dress like they're about to go cut the grass. They only dress up for super special occasions, and even then, they're often not well put together. A cheap suit is deadly.
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Amen on both. Nothing like a man in a suit!!

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