welp, let me get my blankets for living under a bridge cause there is nothing I can use my degree for, that I would actually want to do. I don't even like my degree. I don't like anything. I legit hate everything. I don't like to do anything. What does a person who likes nothing do?
The only thing left to do is military, that's all I got for just having a bachelors in general. I just don't like how they dress....ugh. And I can't just do nothing after I graduate I need to do something. I can't not do something. I would love to not do something but I need good pay, and without good pay, I will be forced to move back home. And I will not move back home. I love my family but my hometown would be a death wish. Then I'd DO NOTHING. Because there is nothing there except swindlers and marks and tricks, and people who do nothing, unless they have jobs, that aren't paying you half a penny.

I just want a nice job to buy nice things. I really could care less about what it is. I'm a settler, I can settle into things. I'd work at McDonald if they paid 25 dollars an hour, because I just want to live on my own not pay check to pay check so that I can buy nice things, go to happy hour, not have to study for exams that no one cares about, and preferably buy a camaro DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THOSE COST? OMG USED ONES COST MORE THAN HOUSES.

where's james franco, my ovaries are waiting for you. Imma just have to trap me a rich man.