Hi everyone , i am a curly headed girl , i was all of my Life .. i finally embraced my curls but after a whole year of straightening :/ & i use to relax my hair in the past too ..

we all had our experiences , & i learned from mine ! i want my curly hair & i Love it .. i just started my journey of wearing my hair curly .. but it hasn't been easy at all :/ i simply don't know what to do exactly ! i tried couple of products , but i don't know how or when to use them to get best results .. that's why i need your help Ladys !

first, my hair is not in a healthy stand right now which is normal since I've been damaging it with heat & chemicals over the years .. thats why i want to wear it naturally ..

so can you share your routine with me to get bouncy curls ? share tips with me ? please i really need some help here !!

Thanks you so much for reading.