Yes, you scrunch! Maybe I can change his mind! lol. He only washes with condish, but he does have trouble accepting his curls. I think part of it is that he identifies as Indian although he is half white (I mean Native American if that wasn't clear, sorry) so curly hair is weird to him. Also, he still uses the flat iron ON WET HAIR. Drives me nuts *sigh*

I can relate. I had trouble as well for a long time. Which is why I wore it short for 20 years until seven years ago. I especially scrunch the back and run my fingers through the sides and top. He uses a flatiron. Funny you say that. One day I had, not a job interview per se but just kind of an informal meeting with a potential employer. Just to make it look smoother, I used the blowdryer and round styling brush. Then my wife's curling iron. However, no way would I do that everyday.