Winter Routine - Back to Cones??

With winter approaching I decided to adjust my routine. The colder months are very drying to my hair and skin so I need to increase my moisturizing regimens.

This is my current length although it is extremely curly. No cones no sulfates-imageuploadedbycurltalk1348055221.256917.jpg

During the summer I didn't do anything to my hair lol. Only cowashed once a week and detangled once a month but now that its longer I need to take better care of it AGAIN.

I started tying it up at night in a scarf and I am starting up my coconut oil processes again. I will start adding coconut oil back into my conditioner and also doing nightly coconut oil scalp massages.

A big helper during the cold months is always drink extra water. This is something I have a hard time doing but will need to improve upon.

I'm thinking of going back to cones just to detangle.