I agree. The typing is useful when looking for hair styles for your hair type or for products most likely to suit your hair. Otherwise, we should just aim for healthy hair and what is it is what it is. What if you woke up and the your hair was FINE just the way it hung. The problem as I see it is that the 3C/4A category is huge and I find most of the hairstyles are suited for hair much kinkier than mine. I admire the 4s with thick coily hair that looks great in twists and braids. I get one skimpy braid to every one of their fat three of four! The kinks are what make it work. Women do all kinds of stuff to their hair and that's cool, but if you have to apply five products and do a routine that takes more than 10 minutes, that's not a natural curl pattern and really, who has time for such lengthy hair rituals. I have life to do!