I just recently decided to go back to my natural wavy hair. I've been researching and reading everything I can find regarding CG for the past month and still am a little lost. My hair is fine or normal (can't quite figure out which), normal or high porosity (I think, have been flat ironing it for over 10 yrs and dye it blonde) and I think I'm a 2b??
Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I just started using mop c hydrating shampoo (love it) and biosilk roch hard gelee. Actually did my first co-wash and plopping today. Not sure if my hair likes the plopping... But am amazed at how the cowashing didn't make it greasy (was worried about that). Still trying to figure out how to fight the frizz. Anyway, I want to thank all the veteran CGs who have taken time to post tips and product reviews, I've learned a lot from y'all!
Straight ironing days: Learning to love my waves-imageuploadedbycurltalk1348087617.032354.jpg

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