Until today, I have NEVER had random people grabbing/touching my hair. I work in a field with very PROFESSIONAL behavioral standards (look at my name and guess what I do), so it's rare for people to be fondling each other's hair.

Today, I was teaching a seminar and was standing at the lunch table selecting some lunch. A provider, who was in the seminar, sidled up next to me and touched one of my curls. "Don't you LOVE your curls? Do people come up to you all the time and just BOING your curls?" (pulled one back and "boinged" it).

Um, no actually I don't have people do that all the time. I had absolutely no idea what to say or do. "Thanks, yes, it is curly, curlier than usual today actually!" or something like that.

Very, very odd. I admit, I had an AMAZING hair day, probably the best since starting CG, so I guess I'm a tiny bit flattered.
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Most porous hair in the universe
baby fine (individual hairs are basically invisible when they fall out, maddening!)
lots of it

Current routine: B&B Curl Conscious Defining Creme combed-in to soaking wet hair, Got2B Spiked Gel scrunched in. Daily shampoo with mix of Deva Curl No-Poo and Tresseme regular sulfate-filled shampoo for dry hair followed by five minutes of random conditioner

It's finally growing!

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