Leave off gel?!?! she asks. Bwahahahah! W/out gel, my hair looks like a big poofy undefined blob; spirals don't even form. I do find that putting gel into very wet hair, then squeezing water out again, then plopping,, eliminates all crunch for me,, reduces goo factor. In humid weather I double up on leave-in & add a cream for weight, like LOOB or Souffle.

But this blizzard weather is just something else: between snowstorms, the air is actually kind of dry & windy. So it's the worst of all weather conditions at once.

B&A is a good idea though. It's a med hold for me, & the only gel I can use on hair that is already towel dried. I'll try that today.
3B, bra-strap length
laidback, very-modified CGer
HG: GF Sleek 'n Shine Leave-in; Alagio