Not sure of its properties but it appears to be very similar to mine. I can tell you what i use.
For a shampoo- Shea moisture curl and shine shampoo orange labeled bottle $10.
Or any Organix or Renpure shampoo. $6.
Conditioner-Tresemme naturals moisturizing conditioner $4. Or Generic Value Conditioning Balm from Sallys $8.
Leave in- Vo5 moisture milks conditioner, passion fruit or strawberry, doesn't matter too much. $1.
Or shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. $10

Styler-Eco styler 4.99 for huge tub of it. Or 3 in 1 Conditioning mousse for $3. I suggest using the Eco though because it has better hold.

I gave you all the products i use and the prices just for your budget.
For shine, I use Loreal silicone free serum, and i put that in my hair right before my leave in. It gives great shine. It's around $6/$7.
Hope this helps!

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