O my goodness! Washed my hair. Did a pt/overnight dt and still sooooo rough I need a strong DT. Anyone have any recs on a strong DT and I think ill pay anything at this point!!! Its soooo straw like and I was trying to style it today and unless my hair is covered in conditioner, I can't get my hands through it :'( can I just turn back time to Friday and stop before looking at that bleach and on a whim changing my color ahhhhhg! Lol I'm hoping it starts getting better soon bc this is emotionally draining!
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If a deep conditioning didn't reverse what happened and you can't even take your fingers through your hair, that means that hair has been completely damaged with no nutrition whatsoever. There is nothing you can do to fix that. You will have to cut it. The longer u keep that dead hair on your head, the slower and longer you will wait for healthy hair to grow back. For what it's worth, I'm sorry.