Shea Moisture got their products on sale online for $7.99 at, but at 3 different Walgreens I went to in my area, they had everything for $11.99, except the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Anti-Breakage Mask, and the Curling Soufleť, and those 3 were $13.99. Target, the same thing. 😡😡

I've been using their stuff since late 2010 and now I feel like I have to start all over again. I'm not paying more than $10 for shampoo or conditioners. Now for stylers that's different (in my mind) because you can't find that specific formula everywhere. But 100% organic shampoos that are sulfate free, they are becoming more common than not and I refuse to give SM over $10 for something I can find for $5 that does the same thing.

Now I was already a little heated about that bootleg BOGO sale they had and now this. Im good on stylers. I'm basically starting over to find a financially reasonable line of products as my hair care staple....smh 😡😡