My sinuses are procrastinating about getting better and the rest of me is getting ticked off about it.

I procrastinate about everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

I am still sick but I had to cut my daughter's hair tonight because she will be in marching band uniform tomorrow evening and their hair cannot touch the shirt collar. Anyone with long hair can wear it up inside the hat but she HATED doing that last fall and is getting in touch with her short-haired self. I did a "mid-way" cut from her long hair right before school started to ease her into it. Tonight It got seriously wacked. I was afraid I'd mess it up because I feel so bad, but it's really cute. (She's a wavy with thick silky hair - I'm jealous of her shine and texture!!!) She's been telling me for 2 weeks to cut it.......

I am procrastinating about taking my antibiotic tonight. 1. It's huge. 2. It makes me sick = unhappy tummy is something to procrastinate bringing on one's self!!!

I am procrastinating feeding Jeri canned food tonight because it's sooooo stinky.

I am procrastinating about washing my face because I have a HUGE eczema spot that is raw and ugly and it will get aggravated and burn.

One thing I never procrastinate about is coming up with somewhat reasonable sounding excuses for my procrastinations!!!!!!!