my speculation is that, my hair, left on its own, would become very porous, very quickly. Since I had been treating my hair to twice weekly heavy protein paks for almost a year at the time of my hair analysis, probably it came back as 'normal' purely because I had been treating this way. I think the long-term PT have normalized my hair but if I were to stop doing the frequent PT's, my hair would naturally be very higly porous...

that's my best guess anyway, after thinking about it a bit.
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I had the same thing happen. My analysis says I have normal porosity but my hair behaves as if I have high porosity. And I don't use protein treatments much so that can't be the reason the analysis came back as normal. Not sure what the discrep is.
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Another beautician examined my hair and said that my hair is "normal porosity, fine, and thick (a lot of fine hair)." She said that even when my hair completely dry, I would know if it was highly porous: it would feel mushy. My hair gets tangled easily, but thinking about it, it's because I have "a lot" of fine hair. I do benefit from protein treatments, but without them my hair is highly porous. Also, when my hair is stripped of oils (added and the sebum), it is still smooth when I slide my thumb and forefinger up shedded strands, and it floats for days. Also, water at first goes straight through my hair before it gets completely soaked, about 20 seconds.
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