its not that I'm a procrastinator. its just that I get sidetracked and overwhelmed at times. I have a whole list of to do's, but no time to do it. I use to have a flex schedule at work so i could fit alot of stuff into the day and still got my work done. Now that i have a new supervisor and new fixed schedule and am being watched to make sure I stick to it, I jsut cant seem to find the time to get anything done. I cant come into work before 8:00am therefore cant get off before 3:00pm like i use to sometimes earlier. I cant use the phone at work so i cant make business calls. i have to fit everything into the weekends and after work. Dont leave much time for me to do much of anything.

1. I have to finish unpacking and setting up new house.
2. Finish application for school so i can become post-bacc student.
3. Update resume so I can continue job search.
4. Study for GRE adn take it
5. find vet to shadow so i can increase my chances of getting into vet school.

And these are just my top priority items, that is the most important. I also have a million little things that have to get done. I think if i had an assistant I could get so much more done. i just cant afford to pay one.