I hate that advert with all my being! I even considered sending John Frieda a complaint. I can't believe their solution to curly hair that happens to be frizzy is to make it "go away" The thing is the models hair wasn't even that bad in my opinion {and yes I'm aware her curls weren't natural but still} I hate the depiction of curls as unmanageable,unattractive and in need of straightening. It's enough that the uk has such a meagre amount of products for curly hair {imo anyway, I have to get most of the stuff I like online} and now the only option they give us "oh well just straighten it." I'm sick of curly hair, proper natural curly hair not just tonged hair, being shown as bad or ugly. I will continue to rock my natural curls regardless!
Greek Cypriot with:
3a curls
Medium Density
Low Porosity
Medium Width
Chest Length
Botticelli pattern
and a sensitive scalp

Been loving my curls for about 3 years now