Sorry. Unfortunately, not everyone's hair can handle color. I do okay with henna which is very drying for me bc my hair hates strong protein and henna acts like protein. I moisturize before, add plently of EVOO and conditioner to my mix, then cowash two straight days after just to get my hair to recover from henna shock. But a permanent color while I was still relaxed broke my hair off so much I had to cut a lot off. Are you seeing breakage?

Also you say you're moistuizing but are you sure your technique is working for your hair? My hair will only absorb moisture when it's damp. Not soaking wet. I had so many problems moisturizing until I figured that out. Also it could be the products you use aren't moisturizing enough for your hair. I've got this Nothing But Curl wake up spray that is nothing but a dud. I always mix a creamy protein free conditioner with AVJ for my li. That really give my products a moisture boost.

And maybe you should give your hair a break from so much ps'ing. My hair doesn't care much for it. HTH
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.