The Walgreen's in my neighborhood has been charging about what you're finding somewhere between $11.99 and $13.99 for Shea Moisture products, however Target charges $9.99 last I checked which was nearly 1month ago... and they often do bogo's or bogo half off... but in SM's defense EVERYTHING increases when crude oil prices increase... trucking/shipping costs which increases overhead.... its called CAPITALISM, what America was built on... if it works for you... don't make your hair pay... cut back on something else. IJS... LOVE your curls in your pic btw... Be Blessed and Prosper... MsTextureLuv
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Thanks. I know about the crude oil theory when it comes to prices. But paying more than $10 for shampoo or conditioner is too much to me, especially in this economic state we are in, especially when a company like Elasta QP has a 100% organic sulfate free shampoo that's less than $5. I'm jus disgusted because the pricing was something that SM always pushed and now they trying to sell people on demand as the reason for higher prices? The SAME trucks u used to transport that $9.99 product is the same one pushing out that $13.99 product. This is greed, plain and simple. Thats unacceptable to me.
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I'm pretty sure Shea Moisture doesn't decide what the prices for their products are, because I see them different prices in different places. I've worked in stores, and the store usually sets the price. Shea Moisture might have raised the cost the stores now have to pay, if anything. However, it's just as likely that the stores in your area just decided to raise the prices (they notice what each other charge for things, and try to stay competitive).The prices aren't universally higher. In my area prices on Shea Moisture have not increased; it's still around ten dollars. If you can get the same results at a cheaper price, then you should do that. But don't get mad at Shea Moisture for something that might not be their fault.
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