I've always admired short hair, I even cut mine at 9 years old, but due to, ahem, a not yet developed body, I was mistaken for a boy a few times, which scared me into never wanting to cut it again.
My boyfriend, one day, told me he'd think I'd look "cute" with short hair, a la Audrey Tautou (off screen or in our favorite movie, 'Amelie').
I've been playing with the idea for quite awhile. My main worries are:
What if I look silly, or it's not for me? What if it poofs up?
Here is my hair (this is after being slept on):
My face (hair down, please exuse my 'just woke up' face):
My face (hair up):

I've heard pixies can and can't work on different frames. I'm 5'4" and hourglass shaped.
I'm really looking forward to some advice

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