Honey, when they tell u that your hair looks better straight, you tell them: "my hair is GORGEOUS the way that it is, but thank you" turn that head so them curls can slap them in the eyes and walk away with your nose in the air.
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LMAO I sooo wish I can do that, but I might get fired. Oh well! Thank you so much!
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Type 2C (Botticelli according to Curly Girl: The Handbook)
iii Density
Medium-Coarse Texture
Normal Porosity
Normal Elasticity
HATES: Traditional sulfates/cones.
LOVES: Lots of moisture and homemade FSG!
(Many thanks to
http://www.livecurlylivefree.com/ for helping me figure out my texture, porosity, and elasticity properties! Check them out sometime!)