Same here! I last straightened my hair mid August, and as soon as i was done straightening it...3 hours later...i wanted to wash it and go back curly. I kept it for maybe a week, since it was easy to throw back into a pony tail for work, but i wanted to wash it nearly immediately. I got instantly bored with it and was just staring at it like..."why did i do this? What's so appealing about straight ol hair?" I'm just gonna straighten it to check length every few months. I'll probably straighten it next In November or December to check length, then wash and go back curly. I used to straighten my hair everyday. If it was curly, it was only curly until it dried...then i would straighten again. I don't know, I'm thinking about posting in the forum straight vs curly, because it really shows, how much better our curls really are!
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