last night i had some very strange, disjointed dreams that i can only remember bits and pieces of.

in one, i was waiting for a bus, and the bus stopped overlooked my grade school in my home town, but the bus stop was *indoors*, on a wide corridor in a building. when it arrived, i got on and the bus was wide, like a plane and there was a United Nations of people on it. i went to the back, where the seat was like a bus and i looked out the back and it was raining.

the bus stopped and i got off and i was in China!

the next thing i knew, i was sitting in a room with someone and we were filling out forms. strangely, the forms were for a bunch of you, my curl friends, and they were for various ways to get you in to Canada. i said to the person helping me at one point that we needed the transcripts for the university and with another, my assistant asked why the person's last name on one form was different than what we knew and i said that "she wasn't divorced yet and the name on the form had to match the passport."

and then i woke up!

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