I did a IAGirl's gelatin PT the evening i posted this with the hopes that it would revive my curls and even worse results occurred. My hair felt a lot softer and looked shinier than after my DT but the frizz was back to what it was before and my hair was practically straight.

I did quite a bit of label reading and a little science study, discovered that my hair responds well to keratin proteins and soy proteins best and NOT collagen PTs that the gelatin PT is strong for.

I normally use a KPak and my hair responds really well to that but I know it's high in keratin so that's probably why. I did another DT to see if it would revive my curls but nada. After a few days of lots of cutting out protein, I did an ACV rinse on Friday night and that helped TONS!!! My curls came back and it was extra bouncy. I also finally got the best clumps ever!!!! Thank goodness for ACV rinses!
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