why not just the second one instead of the first one if the first one isn't moisturizing enough?
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Ditto the above from Fearnotsomuch.

For the co-wash conditioner I use a much thinner condish, one that's easily distributed through the hair. I use a TON of it. It's usually a cheap conditioner, like TJ's Nourish. And I rinse it out really thoroughly. I use this maybe 2 weeks in a row, then I use a non-sulfate 'poo on the third week. [I wash my hair once a week, as it's very thick and takes forever to dry. It also doesn't ever really get oily.]

For the regular conditioner, I use something many, many times thicker than TJ's, more moisturizing and usually with protein [because my hair loves protein certainly not for everyone]. I also leave a little bit of this in when I rinse.