You and your hair look beautiful as always banjo. I wish mine was still as thick as it used to be. But Mr Thyroid has messed with that. Thankfully curly hair still looks thick even when it isn't.
If I had a pic of my aunt handy, you would be shocked at how much you look like her. She is from the mountains of WV. A very musical family. I have always admired her high cheekbones.
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thanks so much jeep!! my hair isnt thick either, just fluffs up like cotton your aunt a musician? ask her if she knows the appalachian stringband convention in clifftop WV. meet me there next summer!!
Susan suburban NY
3b going gray, not thick, waist length when wet, a bit below shoulders when dry
CG since 11/11/04
PW: banjo
HG: suave and honey for co-wash, deva, i use garnier fructis regular CO's or boots pink or white as leave ins and LA looks sport gel. plop w microfiber turban, then curl towel scrunch, then another turban.i sleep with the turban on. little one minute hair styling videos