My biggest problem tends to be tangled/frizziness and stringy waves (major fail with oil sealer!), but this process has given me really good results the last couple days:

1) lowpoo with Giovanni tea tree
2) RO with suave ocean breeze
3) LI KCKT (wide tooth comb through)
4) rake in KCCC then comb through to establish part
5) super soaker to clump
6) straight to plop for 5-10 minutes
7) smasters with KCCC (and pixie diffusing) for about 10 minutes (this makes my hair only ever so slightly dry- barely a dent, really)
Gentle rake and scrunch with HETT to set the canopy

Much less frizz and also helps it look more "done" as it dries with better lift at the roots when it's wet.

I still get pretty tangly on the ends but I very due for a cut so I wonder if I'll see a bigger change there once that's done.

Today I left out super soaker and diffusing just to see and it was not as good - not terrible, but lacked the clumps and "done" look, and was a bit frizzier.
Mod CG since 5/10, 2b/3a, med width/density, low/med porosity, greying since 18, color over grey since 21

Hair hates: non-keratin protein, glycerin, sorbitol, agave, sulfates, polyquats, co-washing (flaky scalp), maybe aloe?
Hair loves: fewer/more natural ingredients, moisture

Scalp wash: Selsun Blue naturals or reg when desperate
Low poo: Giovanni TTTT
RO: SN - Strawberry, ES
Style: HETT mousse, FSG if I make it, ??