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Me in 2007. There was NOTHING wrong with my hair. My manager was just jealous cause she didn't have the confidence to chop her hair like I did. (I've BC several times)
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I LOVE NATURAL HAIR!! I remember going to college classes in the past and seeing female students coming in with natural textured hair and I can't help but stare at it with wonder. So don't worry about what your manager has to say, cause you're right, she's just jealous!
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Type 2C (Botticelli according to Curly Girl: The Handbook)
iii Density
Medium-Coarse Texture
Normal Porosity
Normal Elasticity
HATES: Traditional sulfates/cones.
LOVES: Lots of moisture and homemade FSG!
(Many thanks to for helping me figure out my texture, porosity, and elasticity properties! Check them out sometime!)