SM is a great brand. The co. is Black owned & they use African imports for their Shea (the dollar stays in our hands a little while longer). So I'm all for them. I love kinky curly too for similar reasons, but their prices are steep (when my income increases I'll add them to my arsenal). At target SM is usually $9.99. Walgreens went up a little to $11.99 & CVS is starting at $10.99. I also noticed Nubian heritage (from the same parent company) is higher in price than SM. I refuse to pay $14 for a tube of anything. So they will have to fix that. There are other brands with similar products but SM is a high quality brand. My strategy is to shop for SM during bogos only or at hair shows where they usually have 3 for $20. I stock up. Another option is the swap board.

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I do love SM products but the spike in prices has made me want to also research about other good, less expensive natural hair products. I'm always rotating products, so that my hair won't become resistant, so its not a permanent departure for me. Right now I just have to be a little frugal in my spending and paying more than $10 can put a strain on me being a displaced employee. Thank you very much for your understanding and sincere input. My post wasn't to put down the quality of the brand, but to discuss the rise in prices. Have a great day and thanks again.