I understand your position. You should check out the Walgreens brand. They are trying to compete in the natural game. Its in the same section as SM & twisted sista but they claim to be the best thing since the iPhone 5. You wouldn't know it was manufactured by wakens until you look at the back label. Another brand I find every blue moon is mop. At tjmaxx & marshalls they are selling a liter of conditioner for 14.99. The c-system is great. Right now my budget had me using herbal essences honey I'm strong. It has cones & sulfates but I love it. Do what works for you. SM will be just fine.

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I appreciate your recommendations. I was in Walgreens last night. I didn't see a Walgreens brand of natural products, but I'm in the south and they probably just haven't made it down here yet. I got some Cantu Deep Conditioner and Im going to try it. It was on sale for $6.99 and it has some good ingredients. I'm good on stylers because when I was working, I stocked up on my favs. It's the shampoo and conditioners, that I use frequently that I was mostly concerned about.