SM is a great brand. The co. is Black owned & they use African imports for their Shea (the dollar stays in our hands a little while longer). So I'm all for them. I love kinky curly too for similar reasons, but their prices are steep (when my income increases I'll add them to my arsenal). At target SM is usually $9.99. Walgreens went up a little to $11.99 & CVS is starting at $10.99. I also noticed Nubian heritage (from the same parent company) is higher in price than SM. I refuse to pay $14 for a tube of anything. So they will have to fix that. There are other brands with similar products but SM is a high quality brand. My strategy is to shop for SM during bogos only or at hair shows where they usually have 3 for $20. I stock up. Another option is the swap board.
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At my Walgreens, SM is $9.99 across the board, including shampoos, conditioners, hair milks and stylers. CVS is generally more expensive on everything, so I only shop there for BOGOs and special deals.

In addition to the other positive aspects you mentioned (minority owned; sustainable fair trade ingredients), the company is also a community-oriented firm in an area that desperately needs more of them. I used to live about 10 miles from their facility in Amityville, and it's a wonderful example of local entrepreneurship.

The prices seem generally reasonable to me, especially since 1) some of the other lines that are popular here are MUCH more expensive ($19 for 12 ounces of CJ DF??), especially when you take shipping into account, and 2) generous discounts for SM are quite common, so if you're patient you can always get a good deal. This would also explain why the regular prices are a bit high - it helps offset the revenue loss from major promotions.

I stocked up on the Yucca and Baobab when CVS did their bogo 2 weeks ago. At $5.50 per item, both my conscience and my wallet are happy!
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If the 4 Walgreens in my area still had SM for $9.99, this thread wouldn't exist. It's my demographic area which is the cause in the spike in prices. I know that now and I've chosen to explore other options until I can afford to not be so frugal. Now I'm done talking about this. Nothing to do with you Yossarian, but I see this thread is beginning to take a nose dive. Have a great Monday!