I mentioned this in another thread but the Walgreens prices for SM vary depending on where the store is located. Where I live it's all $9.99 but when I go to Uptown New Orleans the price is higher. But there is also more selection. When I go to Nashville and the selection is better than where I live. IMO a person can't fairly look at the price without comparing ounce. If a conditioner has a cheaper price tag but offers a lot less product then it is not necessarily a better deal. One thing I will say about SM is you get a lot of product and for me because of all the oils, a little goes a long way. I wasn't crazy about the dc masque or the smoothie. The smoothie took me forever and a day to kill the stash. I'm still working on bottles of hair milk I bought years ago. So you do get a lot for your money.

To really save money keep in mind Walgreens is always reducing products for dirt cheap so check often. I tried the Biofusion dc for just a few bucks but it did nothing for my hair. Maybe I will look at the other stuff.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.