I just tried these products because I was at my wits end spending all this money on hair stuff that never worked for me. I even started buying custom made products on etsy (I would spend over $100 each time I ordered from her). Although it may work for some, I feel my results were inconsistent but I always left her positive feedback because I was sure I may have been requesting an additive that does not agree with my hair.

Anyway, I tried curlykinks and I am in love! The stringy-ness is gone and I am left with ringlets on each curl! There is so much definition I dont know what to do with it I just oooo and ahhh every time I look at my hair.

My curls are long, by the way so of course my hair is weighed down so no volume. But this is no biggie for me because I can style my soft moisturized curls in a way to lift it (like half up half down or use pins, etc.) I have always had flat roots and I only get full body if I use cones, or if I don't moisturize enough.

I use all of the products that you recommended and I am thrilled!

I will be sending a thank you letter to the owner of curly kinks because this is a dream!

But I wanted to say thank you to Kathymack -- never would have tried it if it wasn't for her post
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I'm so glad that it worked for you. Still my favorite products. Since I rotate, I "save" them for when I want great hair!

Haven't tried the newest version of the Curl Cleanse. Website is OOS on a lot of the products, so I'm waiting to place an order.

If you do send Monique a note, tell her you read about them on nc.com. It's good for the owners to know that people get a lot of their information here.
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