I think you can absolutely pull off a pixie with your features. Even though you don't look the slight bit boyish, you may still get called "sir." I got sir even in a skirt when I had my hair pixie short.

Some frustrations I had with hair that short--I have fairly thick hair that gets bigger with heat and humidity, so my short hair never quite looked like the pictures you posted. I think most of those ladies with the exception of Carrie Mulligan look like they have fairly fine hair or a lower density of hair than I had.

Aside from it not turning out the way I expected, it was high maintenance outside of my house--I had to get it cut by someone who could thin and texturize the heck out of it every 4 to 6 weeks or it would look like a mushroom head. I had best luck at the time with an Aveda concept stylist.
If you feel like you have a lot of hair, it will seem even thicker the shorter you cut it. Just something to keep in mind. Good luck and enjoy Germany!
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