WOW just wow. This thread! The nerve of some of these so called natural companies. I don't think there is anything wrong with using bases but to lie to customers, leave off ingredients, switch ingredients order around, lie about the long wait time just wrong on several levels. We all know the significance of the order of ingredients on labels. And to leave off ingredients, what if someone has an intolerance to left off ingredients. SMH. Then to claim these are all natural products when the ingredients in some bases are not is just wrong. All of this kind of make me wonder about safety of these products too. If they can lie and leave off ingredients, who's to say they are adding the correct percentages of some of these herbs, oils , and fragrances that can be toxic if not used correctly?

I remember that whole hairveda fiasco on LHCF too. How you were basically attacked by the stans if you had anything to say about the ridiculous wait time. I had ordered from them once around that time after that black friday sale in 2008 I believe and never again. One month wait for products that didn't' blow me away wasn't gonna happen again. To think all of that over products you can mix up your self.

I recently tried the vanilla silk from silk dreams and im just not blown away either. I can tell im gonna have to doctor up the rest.

Anywho this thread has definitely inspired me to start dibbling and dabbling in making my own products for my own use. What an eyeopener this thread was!