If you don't want to lift or lighten your natural color but just deposit color then try using a salon quality Demi- permanent coloring like the Redken EQ color gloss line. I use it to cover my grey hair and it doesn't damage it. It washes out in 28 washes but I color once a month due to fast growth.

If you are trying to lighten your natural color with a permanent coloring, try slathering your hair from root to ends with coconut oil the night before you color. Coconut oil is one of the few oils that hair can absorb into the shaft. Sleep with the oil on your hair then in the morning, color your hair over the oil- yes the color comes out perfectly. The permanent color opens the hair shaft and the color and even more coconut oil is drawn into the shaft. It prevents the damage that coloring alone does.

I personally like the demi color because you never have that harsh line of color/ roots, it gradually fades a bit before the next coloring so you don't get the hard line and it doesn't damage the hair like permanent color does. I buy the Redken EQ online since I can't afford to go to the salon each month to have it done.